Well, my friends, December is here, and the Electric Team keeps rolling on. We haven’t been able to keep to our twice-weekly update schedule lately, but we’re still updating at least once a week, with today seeing the release of Page 208.

Last week’s page, Page 207, saw Leeta, Mr. Amazing, and Zarko sneak into the magical otherdimensional stronghold Swann Castle. Once inside, they were dazzled by all the people from different worlds hustling and bustling in the market place. Then, out of nowhere, a girl approached them, and asked,

Which may not seem like much of a cliffhanger, but, really, it’s an important question. Wouldn’t it change your view of the Electric Team forever if you found out that they didn’t like pizza?

However, Leeta was raised by unicorns, so she grew up eating grains and berries and, really, she’s lucky they just didn’t set her out to graze in the pasture with everybody else. She’s never even heard of pizza, much less eaten it. So Leeta’s reply, on today’s page, is:

Which leads to our heroes going to the Perfect Pizza pizza parlor, home of the finest pizza in the multiverse. I’m very excited about this — Abi and I invented this place almost two years ago (on 12/22/15, according to my notes) and now it’s finally in the comic. Seriously, you have no idea how much material we’ve dreamed up, and are patiently waiting to share with you.

Now our heroes are going to try pizza and, more importantly, they’re going to learn that . . . oh, never mind, I don’t want to give it away. Keep reading! Big thrills are coming!