Abigail Connor created most of the characters and concepts in The Electric Team and collaborates on planning the stories. She is six years old. She loves comics, drawing, and playing with her friends. She plans one day to be a school principal, a dancer, and an artist.

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Leighton Connor
is a public school teacher and the father of Abigail. He co-plots The Electric Team and writes the scripts. He has a lifelong obsession with comics, which has led him to write and draw lots of things. He is one of the artists behind the Seeing Calvino tumblr, the illustrator of The Twible, and the creator of the Laser Brigade. He is a co-founder of Hex Games, and has written numerous RPG books, including Laser Ponies and Leopard Women of Venus.
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Samantha Albert
has been drawing since she could hold a crayon, and is the visual artist for The Electric Team. Her favorite things in life are coffee, practical lady armor, and The Mountain Goats. When she’s not drawing, she works as a barista in sunny Cleveland, Ohio working on her deplorable latte art. This is her first webcomic.