Meet the Electric Team!

In a shattered world where magic and technology have run amok, three heroes banded together to fight for civilization. They called themselves The Electric Team!

Those founding members were the relentless warrior Leeta, who had been raised by unicorns in a hidden valley; Mr. Amazing, whose high-tech suit made a walking electrical dynamo; and the shadowy sorcerer Zarko.




Soon afterwards, the three founders were joined by an otherwordly couple, Brianna and Jaxula, and a verdant traveler from a faraway land who insisted his real name was too difficult for humans to pronounce and so went by the name “Plant Man.”




The six of them met their first great challenge outside the village of Arhool, to the south of the Lodexan Plains, when they battled Commander McCarrot and his villainous army of vegetroids. It was an epic confrontation, one that will live on in story and song!

Shortly after this battle, though, the Electric Team learned that their mission would be even more difficult than they had feared . . .