Today’s a big day, and I’m not just talking about what we in America call “Black Friday.” No, today is a big day because, first of all, we have a brand new installment, page 203, Tensions are running high in the Electric Team. So far, our heroes have mostly gotten along well, but today there’s conflict, and even shouting. That’s just the beginning of the emotional roller coaster we’re about to ride.




Secondly, we’ve got a new release! The Electric Team #6 is on sale now at our products page. And for a very limited time only, we’ve discounted it from $5 down to $3. We’ve never discounted a brand new release like this before but, what the heck, it’s Black Friday. This extremely limited sale will run from today through Monday, so act now! Order your copy while it’s still super-cheap!



The Electric Team #6, by Abi Connor, Leighton Connor, and Samantha Albert, is a great jumping-on point for new readers!  The Electric Team is traveling north, continuing on their mission to track down and defeat the 1,000 most dangerous villains in the world, when they come across their deadliest challenge yet–the brilliant scientist Doctor February, and her alien husband Larzipan! If the Electric Team doesn’t act soon, the songlines will collapse, spelling the end of the world as we know it! (24 pages, full color)