Howdy, electrophiles! Our new installment, Page 209, focuses on Irene the server walking around, taking orders, and checking in on her customers. She’s a hard worker, that Irene.

This fine establishment, Perfect Pizza, is inside Swann Castle, which is at the center of a dimensional hub, connecting (at least) a hundred different worlds. With today’s new page, we really start bringing this idea of different worlds to life, by showcasing a wide range of different characters. Let’s take a look at our first round of guest stars . . .

Panel 1-3: Abi has a friend at school named Josh, and every Wednesday Abi and Josh discuss the events of the previous night’s episode of The Flash. Abi asked Josh if he wanted to appear in The Electric Team, and he said yes, and asked to have super speed, so Abi dreamed up this sequence.

Panel 4: The Pickle Princess and the Pumpkin Princess are the stars of a series of stories that I’ve told Abi, and were brought to life by Jeffrey Johnson in this beautiful painting:

You’ll be seeing more of them, if certain plans come to fruition.

Panel 5: To really create that feeling of different worlds coming together, I felt like we needed to include characters that we did not create. This panel features two of them. The gentleman on the left is Octopus Jones, legendary hero of the Ortex Wars, created by Joseph Morris. Joseph was kind enough to agree to let Octopus Jones come visit Perfect Pizza. Octopus Jones appears regularly in Joseph’s comic 7 Worlds, which you can–and should!–order at the Torc Press website. While you’re at it, check out Joseph at Patreon, where he regularly shares tons of new comics.


The gentlemen on the right is Bart Hill, AKA Daredevil, one of the most popular characters in the Golden Age of American comic books, who has since lapsed into public domain. More on him later, but he really did fight a whole lot of Nazis.