We just released Page 198, and it’s a humdinger! But, wow, no new blog post since August 22? That . . . that was a month ago! I’ve let the team down. In my defense, I was out of the country for part of that time but still, I was only gone for 10 days, and that’s no excuse.

(The British Museum was really cool, though. Here’s a picture.)



One time when I had not blogged in awhile, I wrote a post from “The Management” explaining that it was all because of our interns, and that they had all been fired. That amused me. Shortly afterwards, several people asked my wife, “So, I hear Leighton had some problems with the people working for him?” or similar, as though they thought it was a real thing. But no, there were no interns. I should probably make that clear.

Hello. My name is Leighton Connor. With my daughter Abi, I write The Electric Team, and Samantha Albert draws and colors it. That is our entire team, three people, and I can only afford that because Abi works for free.  Well, I do let her have copies of the comic to give to some of her friends at school.

We do our part to encourage literacy in children.

Anyway, we just finished up Chapter Seven, which I am extremely proud of. Chapters Six and Seven tell a two-part story called “Forever February”; I urge you to go read that story from the beginning. Start here. It even begins with a two-page explanation of the premise of the comic. Very new-reader friendly.


The first panel of Chapter Six.


We’ve finished serializing The Electric Team #7, but we only recently printed the paper edition of The Electric Team #5. I never intended to have that kind of gap between the digital and print versions, so we need to get to work on preparing #6 for print. To that end, we’re going to take a break from releasing new pages here on the website so that we can prioritize getting #6 printed.

That means no new pages for a few weeks, unless I can come up with some kind of Extra Special Bonus Content. When we make our triumphant return with Chapter Eight, though, it will be AMAZING and BLOW YOUR MIND. I’m really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, consider this . . . if you’d like Sam and me to stop crying ourselves to sleep about how hard it is to market a comic, why not get all your friends to read The Electric Team? And order print copies? We’d really appreciate it. Thanks!