It’s been awhile since I posted, but in an exciting twist, my reason this time is not just “Boy I sure have been busy with work.” Yes, I have been busy with work, but also my computer died. Fortunately Sam does most of the work, so she was able to post the last few pages, but even though I had plenty to say, I couldn’t comment. I mean, yes, I have a computer at work, but I can’t devote my precious work time to blogging. Also, I forgot my log-in information.

Now, after a grueling week and a half, I have a working computer, access to the internet, AND my password to log in to this site. I’m back, and I’m unstoppable! Now I just remember what it was I wanted to say . . .

Oh, that’s right, we hit a major milestone. Page 125 was the end of Chapter 4, The Origin of the Electric Team. If you haven’t already, you should go and read Chapter 4 from the beginning . . . it’s our best chapter yet. Sam’s young, so she is able to improve at a rapid rate. Just look at it–her artwork just gets better and better. I am almost physically pained by the thought of saying positive things about my own work, but I think the story’s also the best one so far. And, if I may be so bold, I am proud of it.

The idea for this story came to me over a year ago, in the summer of of 2015. I even know what day it was; my wife and I had gone to our friends’ wedding reception, and had a great time, and on the car ride home I realized how I wanted the first four chapters to tie together. This is when we were still serializing Chapter 1, and I didn’t have all the details, but I knew that Chapter 4 would show how the team met, and I knew there would be lightning, and I knew what Leeta would say on the final page. So seeing Sam bring that page to life, more than a year later, and to share it with you, my friends, is a wonderful experience.

Sam worked hard to hit her deadlines for Chapter 4, but needed time to get a headstart on our next story, so we skipped a Friday and a Tuesday. Sam is working hard even now, though, to bring you a new page on Friday. It’s not going to be Chapter 5 . . . it’s going to be something special. A surprise.  Get ready! We’ll see you on Friday.