Now that you’ve read Chapter 4, The Origin of the Electric Team, you know how Zarko was turned into a ghost, trapped in a jar, and eventually set free by Leeta. You know how he learned that he could pick things up, and got himself a hat. But how did ghostly Zarko learn to fly around while wearing clothes? How did he discover that he is capable of amazing magical feats? Now you can find out the answers to those questions, in a very special short story called “Zarko Gets His Powers.” And I say “very special” because this story is written and drawn by Zarko’s creator, the amazing Miss Abigail Connor. zarko-gets-his-powers-logo
As Abby’s dad, I am extremely proud of what she’s done. Two pages went up today–the title page (page 126), which is brand new, and the first page of the story, which she drew months ago. For that first page, I drew the panel borders for her, and assisted her with the lettering on panel 2 and panel 4, but the story, dialogue, drawing, coloring, and additional lettering is all hers. Abby’s been a vital part of this comic from the beginning, but this is the first time you’ll be able to see her pure, unfiltered vision.

Check out the hedgehogs. They’re pretty great.

“Zarko Gets His Powers” will wrap up next week, in time for the triumphant return of Sam Albert.