We’ve begun our next story, “Plant Man’s Family Reunion.” Plant Man hasn’t gotten as much screen time as the other characters–he was turned into a tree for all of Chapter 3–so we thought it was only fair he get his turn in the spotlight. In an exciting twist, Abby and I did not write this story; instead, it was written by special guest writer Nat Kutcher. We’d like to thank Nat for pitching in and working hard on this story.

Most of the Electric Team comics have been plotted by Abby and me, written by me, and drawn by Sam. Now, though, you’ll be able to compare and contrast and see what each of us really brings to the table.

In “Swords & Serpents”, you can see me writing a story without Abby or Sam;

In “Plant Man’s Family Reunion,” you can see Sam drawing a story without Abby or me;

and in “Zarko Gets His Powers,” you can see Abby writing and drawing a story without Sam or me.

At a glance, it looks like I’m the one who brings the fight scenes, but it may be too early to say for sure.

Anyway, be sure to marvel at Nat and Sam’s work, particularly Sam’s watercolors; I’ll talk more about Nat, and why I wanted a guest writer in the first place, next week.