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No new comic today–unfortunately, we have not had time to finish Page 118, in which Mr. Amazing explains his plan, because we are busy getting ready for Cincy Comicon, which is coming up in just a few days.  It is, in fact, from September 9 to 11. The latter is my anniversary, but don’t worry, my wife understands the importance of me going to this con. Also, she works on Sundays.

Sam, Abby, and I will all be at the con, at Table I-13, so please come by and say hi. We will be selling print copies of The Electric Team #1, #2, and #3, and if previous cons are any indication, Abby will be selling sketches.

There will also be plenty of big name comic book guests, like Mark Waid, Chris Sprouse, and Katie Cook, so it’s worth coming by even if you don’t want to buy some Electric Team comics. But why wouldn’t you want some Electric Team comics? They look really nice, and they’re reasonably priced.

Anyway, we’ll have a new page for you later this week. See you then!