On page 14, the fight scene is well under way–Plant Man battles Commander McCarrot! Leeta jumps into the fray!

When I was writing the script for these pages, I ran into an age-old question–how do you write dialogue for a fight scene? It’s trickier than I had realized. If you think about real-life fights, people don’t really talk much. It’s mainly grunting and maybe some generic threats. If you have panel after panel of people grunting and moaning, occasionally shouting, “I’m gonna beat you up!” and “No you’re not!” it starts to get boring for the reader.

That’s why many comic book writers have tried to jazz things up by adding jokes and snappy banter. After a certain point, though, it starts to get unbelievable for readers, the sheer amount of conversation some characters have as they jump around and punch each other. If you think of a Chris Claremont X-Men comic, for example, you’ll often see a character delivering entire paragraphs worth of exposition during what had to be no more than a second.

How much talking is too much talking? Stan Lee is famous for snappy fight scene banter, but there were times even he just gave up, like in this famous Jack Kirby page:

Sometimes you just have to let the art speak for itself. I tried to hit the right balance between words and actions in this scene, but for whatever reason my favorite panel on page 14 is the one without any words.

Leeta Leaping

In other news, that Laser Ponies game I mentioned, the one at Gen Con, was a big success. Pictured below is Lemonbell, wearing a sassy yellow bandanna, leading the party in search of the ancient evil sorcerer Memnon.

LP Game 2015