On Page 15, we see Leeta, the Girl Who Was Raised By Unicorns, slashing and kicking Commander McCarrot. You may ask, “If Leeta’s such a great warrior, how is she outclassed by a walking carrot?” The answer is simple, friends, Mutated carrots are naturally tough. Their thick, carroty flesh makes them both stronger and harder to hurt than regular humans.

As an example of this, watch the classic movie The Thing From Another World, which features an evil carrot man from outer space as the monster.




In the movie, a scientist gasps, “Why, he’s basically a . . . a walking vegetable!”  Or something like that . . . it’s been a long time since I saw it. I’ve only seen it twice–once when I was a kid, and I watched it on TV and thought it was amazing, and once in college, when I watched it in Genre Movies class, and was pleased to see that it held up very well. I remember being impressed that the male and female leads (pictured above) had a much more convincingly grown-up relationship than the characters in King Kong (in which the sailors basically say, “Ewwwww, a girl! Don’t let her come with us!”).

Anyway, the point is that the alien menace in The Thing is a vegetable man, and he’s extremely strong and virtually indestructible. So Commander McCarrot makes perfect sense, because surely they wouldn’t have gotten the science wrong in a 1950s sci-fi/horror film.

Besides, as Leeta says, she’s really not trying to beat McCarrot, just distract him for the surprise attack that you will see on TUESDAY.