The amazing Samantha Albert killed it on page 16, don’t you think? In the script I specified that panel 5 “should be crazy, trippy, psychedelic, visually stunning, with bizarre occult symbols in the background, strange lighting effects, etc.” That’s pretty vague; not much more than “hey, make this look real cool,” but she certainly did. It’s a great looking panel. Go look at it again, I’ll wait.

Page 16 ad
Sam Albert is young and full of life; like a young person, she generally reads comics online. But I am old, and come from a time when you could buy comic books at grocery stores and gas stations, so I think of comics as coming in 24 page chunks.

When I planned this first chapter of The Electric Team, I conceived of it as a 24 page story. That divides up into three sections of eight pages each.

The first eight page section introduces the setting and gives the backstory of Leeta and her father.

The second eight page section, now complete, shows the battle between the Electric Team and Commander McCarrot and his vegetroids. That’s over now, and the Electric Team won. Hurray!

The third section relates what happens after the battle. That begins on Thursday. SPOILER WARNING: The Electric Team will be invited to dinner!