I’m off at Gen Con in Indianapolis this weekend. If you’re there, come say hi.

Here’s what I’m doing on Saturday, from noon to 4:00 . . .

Laser Ponies: The Mind Mummies of Memnon

GM: Leighton Connor

Time: 4 Hours

Min-Max Players: 3 – 6

Player Hours: 24


Description: The Laser Ponies are happy to spend their time romping, frolicking, and playing in their home of Glitter Valley, but now an ancient evil has reared its moldering head. It looks like it’s time for laser-blastin’ action! Dusty sarcophagi, shambling undead menaces, mind-control, cupcakes, rainbows, and valuable lessons about friendship—face it, adventure fans, this one’s got it all!

LP PCs 2
I would say that, if you’re in the area, you should come buy a ticket and play, but the game’s already sold out.  Should be fun!