Page 13 offers up all-out action, as the Electric Team battles Commander McCarrot’s villainous vegetroids!

Amazing in Action

I really enjoy the flow between the two panels above; not just Mr. Amazing, so confident and then so quickly brought low, but Leeta in the background running through a vegetroid with her sword.

Drawing big fight scenes like this is a real challenge. I already knew that, because I spent much of my childhood and teenage years drawing pictures of people fighting, but young Samantha Albert had better things to do with her time–perhaps playing the piano, or learning calculus–and had to teach herself how to draw combat as she worked on these pages. If I hadn’t told you, though, you wouldn’t have guessed, would you? You’d think she spent her time in French class drawing pictures of a half-elf cleric battling a horde of goblin assassins, just like you did.

But the all-out action is just beginning! Tune in on Tuesday, as the battle rages on, and Commander McCarrot’s savagery is unleashed!