Hey, we published a page, and that page’s designation is #279! Read that page, read it again, and then join us below . . .

1. I like the way Kaylah drew Jaxula’s face and hand in that second panel, very expressive.

2. Sorry I didn’t get this post written sooner; it has been a very hectic week for me, what with it being the first week of school. Well, I say hectic–I’ve been busy at work, and then come home too exhausted to do anything but make sure that the children have been fed, then lie down on the couch and read.

3. I’m slowly rebuilding my strength. Soon I’ll be back in fighting form!

4. We see on this page that Jaxula is hesitant to start fighting. Even though Barnacle is a giant killer turtle, Jax wants to reason with him. This is the heart of the character, that he’s a peaceful man by nature, who was forced into a militant role because of his father’s expectations. If you haven’t read his backstory, it’s covered here.  

5. The school year is off to a good start. I’m happy with my classes, the students have been well-behaved so far (they usually are, the first week), and everything is running smoothly. This year I’m teaching 11th grade English, 12th grade English, and English Companion.

6. The last two panels are set up just as I requested in the script–I’m big on that kind of repetition–but it was Kaylah’s idea to add in that downward diagonal slant, which sort of subconsciously makes the last panel feel slightly more claustrophobic than its predecessor, increasing the sense of danger as Barnacle shatters the force field.

7. My kids also had a good first week of school.

8. On Monday I posted this on Facebook:

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am publicly committing myself to publishing, or getting published, TEN BOOKS in the next year. That is before August 19, 2020. This will include previously mentioned projects such as Leopard Women of Venus, the collected Ross Fulton stories, The Electric Team #10, as well as stuff you haven’t heard of. It’s going to be epic, my friends. LET’S GO.

9. That should be an attainable goal. The Electric Team #10, which will consist of the three unpublished short stories we’ve done (“Time Troubles”, “Ubermensch Unleasahed,” and “Shellshocked”) is only 3 pages and a cover away from being done. I have SO MANY things that are close to being done, which is the main reason I publicly announced that go, to force myself to follow through.

10. Once again the characters are fighting a giant turtle which, while hopefully exciting for the reader, I don’t have much to say about. Next week there will be more giant turtle fighting, but there will be some twists! Get ready!

(If you would like to read the notes for the previous two pages, they are available at our Patron page, www.patreon.com/electricteam.)