Page 276 is eager for you to read it! Make sure you’ve done so, then come back to read these notes.

1. I’m late in writing these notes, because I was out of town most of the week. I went with my wife, kids, and parents to Mammoth Cave.

2. We also went to Dinosaur World!

Look, stegosauruses!

3. While we were away, my buddy and creative partner Josh wrote a good blog post about our upcoming project Leopard Women of Venus!  Read it!

4. Oh, hey, also we released page 276 of The Electric Team on Tuesday, right before we left town. Kaylah Blaackar did the artwork.

5. This is another page of conversation, and while most of the stuff they say is stuff that the reader already knows, I felt it was worth making it clear that the characters know it, you know? For example, we know that the other members of the Electric Team were transported to Swann Castle, but know we know that Jaxula also knows that, so he’s not totally freaked out and thinking they’re dead or anything. This is worth establishing, since we cut away from Jax for a couple of years.

6. I just now noticed the typo in there where Jax says “When we shunted the excess enerdy”–enerdy? Dang, I need to fix that.

7. I wanted to put in that line where Jax acknowledges that he has made some questionable decisions in the name of love. If you’ve read “Brianna’s Story,” you know that he made some drastic changes to his life because of Brianna, but we never got to see his point of view in that story. This is the first hint of how he might think about it.

8. But we can’t just have them stand around and talk forever, there needs to be some action! So this page leads to a cliffhanger–what is roaring at them? WHAT?!?

9. We’ll find out next week, when things get intense!

10. But seriously, if you’re in the  Mammoth Cave area, and you like dinosaurs, check out Dinosaur World, my kids loved it.