Huzzah, we have received our copies of The Electric Team #8 from the printer! And they look great!



Issue 8 is on sale now! And, my friends, I’ve heard your complaints about our online store. It generally works, but, due to some strange glitch, there have always been some people that the system doesn’t work for. I talked to my computer-expert friends, who looked it over; I talked to people at customer support; I was told repeatedly that it should work, and yet we continued to have problems. So I sought out a new way to sell stuff electronically. Now you can buy The Electric Team #6, #7, and #8 via Gumroad. Just click the link, and you’ll go to a page that looks like this:



Click on the comic you want to order, follow the directions, and with just a few clicks you will have placed your order. Simple!

The Electric Team #8 is, I’m comfortable saying, our best issue yet, and features characters created by Joseph Morris, Matt Kish, Byron Black, Jack Binder, and more!

Here’s the official description: The Electric Team has left their world and traveled to a space beyond space, where Swann Castle exists in the intersection of different realities. While they’re trying to figure out how to get home, Leeta makes a shocking discovery about her father. Guest-starring Bart “Daredevil” Hill, Octopus Jones, Beowulf, and more! (28 pages, full color)