Page 240 is here! It’s a good one, too.

This page introduces Jason Occult, and I’m very excited about it. I’ve wanted to share this guy with the world for a long time. I don’t remember dates well at all, and generally can’t even give you a ballpark figure of when something happened, but it just so happens I have extensive notes related to this, so I can tell you that Abi and I created the character of Jason Occult on May 24th, 2013. Wow, she hadn’t even turned five yet; that’s crazy.

Weirdly enough, Jason Occult debuted almost two months before Brianna, who first appeared on July 15th, and Brianna predated the Electric Team, who didn’t come along until September 7th.

When we first brought in this new wizard character, I asked Abi what his name should be, and she said, “Jason.” I thought the name needed some more pizzazz, so I said, “How about Jason Occult?” She agreed.

Now here he is, brought to live by the remarkable Sam Albert! I can’t wait to watch this unfold.