We have a new page up and, oh no, the Nazis are involved! But that shouldn’t be a total surprise . . . I mean, we did see some menacing guys speaking in German a few pages back . . .

After reading this page, you may be thinking to yourself, “Leeta just met this Bart Hill guy. Why is she trusting him? Maybe he’s also a Nazi, and he’s luring her into a trap!” Let me tell you, friend, that Bart Hill’s anti-Nazi credentials are impeccable. Here he is, in a page from 1941’s Daredevil Comics #1:

Bart infiltrates a meeting and, two pages later, he punches Hitler. As he’s punching Hitler, Nazis shoot at him, but it’s okay, because he screams, “This is worth dying for!”

Bart Hill has zero patience for Nazis.

On a related note, keep reading! Coming up soon, we’ve got the Nazi-punching action you crave!