Look at that, we’re back! Page 215 is here! We had an unexpected hiatus, due to Sam’s hand injury, but thankfully Sam has been healing, and is now able to draw again. We almost went all of February without a new page, but we made it in just under the wire.

Since our current story is set in a castle that exists in a dimensional junction that leads to a hundred different worlds, I liked the idea of including characters from other stories. A few months ago I put out the call to the cartoonists I know, asking if any of them would let us feature their characters. Several people generously agreed. We’ve already seen Joseph Morris’s Octopus Jones, and a couple of characters from Josh Burnett, and today we see characters from Matt Kish and Byron Black.

Matt’s a really good friend who I’ve known for a million years (we started collaborating on a comic in 2000, I think, which is probably before some of you were born.) I’ve only met Byron in person a few times, but he’s been very gracious in his support of The Electric Team, and he does good work. Their characters, who only appear briefly in The Electric Team, are deserving of your attention.

In the first panel of today’s comic, the fellow in the coat is Byron’s character Roland Steppenwolf. As the IndyPlanet website says, “Roland Steppenwolf, the mysterious mutate mastermind — is he a bane or a boon for a troubled world? The Steppenwolf Chronicles is his story.” You can, and should, order your own copy of The Steppenwolf Chronicles #1 here!



Panel from The Steppenwolf Chronicles #1


The two characters talking to Steppenwolf are Hassan (the tall guy, who’s talking) and Spudd 64 (the short, silent fellow) from Matt Kish’s comic book series SPUDD 64. As I’ve mentioned in the past, either here or on my old blog, SPUDD 64 is one of my all-time favorite series. I urge you to track down all four collector’s item issues. I wrote the script for issue 4, “Hassan’s Story,” so it was fun to bring Hassan into this comic, even if it was only for a panel. Matt is an extremely talented artist, and you can order beautiful (and affordable) artwork from him at his Etsy shop.



From SPUDD 64 #4


Matt and Byron, thank you again for sharing your characters, and for all your support over the years!