Page 213 is here! Normally we update on Tuesdays, but we’ve all been sick, so here you go, just one day late.

This page is kind of a big deal, with the shocking revelation that Leeta’s dad may be here at Swann Castle. You may remember Leeta’s dad from the very beginning of this comic, where for the first few pages it looked like he was the main character, but then it turned out that was just a flashback. For being so important at the beginning, the Professor hasn’t appeared in a long time. He’s been mentioned, though, as we saw when Leeta left the unicorns, and the Queen asked her if she was going out into the world to save civilization, or to look for her father.

We have to wonder, how much has finding her dad motivated Leeta all along? Once she finds out he may be nearby, she completely forgets the team’s mission. How far will she go, and what will she sacrifice, to be reunited with her father? Keep reading! We’ve got plenty of surprises in store!