No new post today–it’s one of Sam’s scheduled days off. She’ll be back on Friday, though, with a brand new page, so mark your calendars.

In the meantime, I can’t help but notice that the majority of people on Earth still haven’t ordered a copy of The Electric Team #5. That means that, statistically speaking, it’s almost certain that you have not yet ordered a copy. What are you waiting for, friend? We are eager to share this polychromatic explosion of entertainment with you.

While you may have read “Swords & Serpents,” the story Josh Burnett and I did together, you’ve never seen it like it is in The Electric Team #5. The original was in black-and-white, and Josh has painstakingly colored it in splendid hues.

For example:


The only place you’ll see this story in full color is in the print edition! Order today!