The Electric Team is a concept created by Abigail Connor on September 7, 2013, when she was almost five years old.

The Electric Team is a web comic, created by Abigail Connor, Leighton Connor, and Samantha Albert, which started in June 2015 and is now up to page 174.

The Electric Team consists of Leeta, Mr. Amazing, Zarko, Plant Man, Jaxula, and Brianna.

The Electric Team is on a mission to rebuild human civilization.

The Electric Team contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

The Electric Team may not be used as a flotation device.

The Electric Team sees you when you’re sleeping, and knows when you’re awake.

The Electric Team is tired of all the games, and just wants to know if you’re ready to make a real commitment, because the Electric Team is not getting any younger.

The Electric Team is going to take a year off before college just to, you know, figure some things out, maybe rent a car, drive across the country, and really find America.

The Electric Team is patient, the Electric Team is kind; it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

The Electric Team will set your melancholy aflame.

The Electric Team took a planned break on Tuesday, but will be back with a new episode on Friday.