It’s a hectic time of year for us here at Electric Team Central, but we’re still rolling out the new pages. Look, here’s Page 171!

Today’s installment wraps up our flashback to the childhood of Jaxula Laserbeam. Poor Jax has waited a long time for this flashback . . . as you may recall, Chapter 1 started out with a series of flashbacks to Leeta’s childhood, then Chapter 2 began with 4 pages of Mr. Amazing’s childhood, and Chapter 3 began with a 4 page flashback showing how Zarko got turned into a ghost. Then, Chapter 4 was a whole series of flashbacks that showed how Leeta, Mr. Amazing, and Zarko met. Chapter 5 didn’t have any flashbacks, but it gave the basics of Plant Man’s background, so you have a sense of where he’s coming from. That leaves only Jaxula and Brianna–what about them? Jax hinted at his backstory back in Chapter 2, when he told Mr. Amazing where he grew up, but the rest of his life has been a mystery. Until now!

It’s taken awhile to get here, but I’m happy with this scene. I hope it gives you the reader some more insights into who Jax is and why. As we continue on, you’ll see that there’s a reason we’ve held off on giving away too much about Jaxula and Brianna’s background, especially Brianna’s. Brianna’s story is coming, and it’s going to be huge and amazing, and will lead to big things. Seriously, I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got planned . . . but that’s still a few chapters away, so we must all be patient.