In today’s comic we introduce the second half of our villainous duo, Dr. February. You may wonder, “Did you just name her that because it’s February?” And the answer is no, it’s a happy coincidence that the character is debuting in February. We’ve been planning this for months, and the character herself was created years ago.

In fact, I can check my notes and find the exact date. Larzipan and Dr. February were created . . . looks like it was February 8, 2014.  WOW. That means Sam probably started drawing this page exactly three years after the character’s creation. Crazy!

In an email, Sam explained the above panel by saying she “wanted a ‘backlit cute neighborhood girl from 80’s movies’ effect,” which makes total sense to me, since I grew up in the 80’s.

Dr. February may be beautiful, but she’s the most dangerous threat the Electric Team have faced yet. To find out why, keep reading.