New comic — page 152 is here! In today’s installment, we see Larzipan taking Mr. Barnacle on a tour through his mansion, and explaining the nuts and bolts of his magic-harvesting operation.  I thought about keeping it ambiguous, just what kind of business he’s in, but I decided to make things clear for you, the reader. And yet, despite this so-called clarity, there’s a cryptic reference to The Dreyfus Equation:

Don’t worry if you don’t get the reference. Nobody gets the reference; it’s something I made up almost 25 years ago. So that’s rewarding, to finally see it in print. And it actually makes sense in the story. I’ll explain it later, probably in this chapter or the next. Clarity is my watchword.

Be sure to tune in on Friday, to see just who it is that Larzipan’s introducing. (SPOILER: It’s his wife.)