Today’s Tuesday, but there’s no new comic. (GASP) . . . how can this be?!? Basically, I got the schedule mixed up, and didn’t finish the script for page 151 until a couple of days ago, so I failed to get it to Sam in a timely manner, so she didn’t have time to draw the page. And it’s a page that requires two new character designs, and an elaborate setting . . . so it’s my fault. It’s all my fault.

The new page will be coming out on Friday, though, and it’s going to be a humdinger! Just wait ’til you lay your eyes on the lurid, larcenous Larzipan!

And I know what you’re thinking, I really should be more than a page ahead in the script. I usually am. I’m going to go ahead and blame the pneumonia, one last time, for getting almost everything in my life off track. I’m doing much better now, so I’ll be writing a bunch of pages soon, and we’ll avoid this kind of scheduling problem in the future.

In the meantime, please enjoy this drawing of dragonfly that Sam Albert did when she was in high school.