We’ve reached page 150! It’s a milestone! Wooo, let’s celebrate!

On page 150 we see Leaf Stone, who used to work for Major Ager, talking to someone mysterious over the radio. What Leaf Stone says here is correct–Major Ager made bad decisions, and if he’d only listened to her, he never would have lost. Poor Leaf Stone was loyal to this guy and, in retrospective, he was vain and not too bright.

(Side-note: Abi created and named Leaf Stone. The name “Leaf Stone,” for a female assistant to a villain, reminded me of Featherstone from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comic book series Preacher. This may have affected the way I imagined Leaf Stone, as someone who is highly competent but loyal to a despicable boss. Abi, for the record, has no knowledge of Preacher.)

As discussed a few pages ago, the Electric Team has taken down several villains off their list. But, let’s be honest, Commander McCarrot and Major Ager were both unimaginative despots. Soon, though, the Electric Team is going to be leveling up, and faced with a more dangerous class of villain. That voice on the radio has some ambitious plans, and those plans are going to cause the Electric Team some serious problems in the future.