Hi, Leighton here. How are you doing? Well, I hope.

Okay, that’s enough small talk. Look what I got in the mail:

ET3 package

That’s right, it’s our first printing of THE ELECTRIC TEAM #3, newly arrived from the printer. And that means that issue 3 is now available for order! Here, on this very web site!

Head on over to the Products Page and, with just a few clicks, you can order your very own copy. Notice, also, that while issue #2 was 24 pages, #3 is a massive 32 pages. That’s a lot of extra space, but we needed it, because there’s a ton of story in here, with Zarko’s origin story, Leeta and Amazing going into the Labyrinth, Zarko having to choose between his heart’s desire and his friends, Jax and Brianna being lovable senile old people, Brianna’s cat, the Mechaminotaur . . . it’s jam-packed. No decompression here.

As an added incentive, between now and the end of Friday, August 5th, we will include, absolutely FREE, an original Electric Team sketch, by either Abby or me, with each order. So, you know, go ahead and order, why don’t you?