There is no new page of The Electric Team today, Friday, August 12th, and it is entirely my fault. Don’t blame Sam Albert; Sam is such a trooper that, even though she was sick on Monday, and could barely function, she still finished drawing Page 111 in time for it to come out on Tuesday, right on schedule.

No, the reason there’s no new page today is that the script isn’t ready. I wrote the script for all of Chapter 4 back in June, so everything’s been running smoothly. But awhile ago I decided I needed to rewrite pages 112-114, and when the time came, and Sam needed the revised script, I realized I had completely forgotten to do it. Oops. So, in short, Sam is a dedicated and disciplined artist, and I am a lovable oaf.

I do have some art to share today, though . . . as I mentioned in my blog post on August 3rd, we had a special offer, where if you ordered your copy of The Electric Team #3 by August 5th, we would include a free sketch by Abby or me. Here are four of our best ones, two by me and two by Abby. Click to enlarge, so that you can study all the nuances.

01e4a92917e19af88752d70230d616a82c034e3e58       Brianna Sketch

ET1 Cover Sketch       Plant Man Sketch