SPACE is this weekend–Saturday, April 9, and Sunday, April 10–in Columbus, Ohio! The Electric Team team will have a table, so come by and see us there. Admission is free, so there’s no reason not to at least stop by, right?

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, you will not be able to meet the entire Electric Team team at one time. Abby will only be there on Saturday, and Sam will only be there on Sunday. Plan accordingly. But what am I saying? You’ll want to meet both of them. Cancel your other plans, and come to SPACE on both days.

Boring ol’ Leighton Connor will be there both days.

We will be debuting issue #2 of The Electric Team at the convention. It’s only $4.00!

And, at the same time, the web comic keeps rolling on. Page 74 just came out, as Leeta overcomes her fear and faces down the mechaminotaur. Just look at how determined Leeta is:

Girl Power