Hey, Page 78 is here. It’s the showdown with Major Ager, and at last Abby’s two favorite characters swing into action.  Did you ever read the interview I did with Abby? Back in January? It’s pretty great, be sure to check it out. Anyway, in that interview Abby said her favorite Electric Team character was Brianna’s cat, which was kind of disappointing to me, since I didn’t really think of the cat as a character. But now, for the first time, the cat is taking an active role, and even has its own word balloon.

As you can tell from my saying “Brianna’s cat” and “it,” we still don’t know the cat’s name or sex. Abby is pondering these questions. But what matters most is that the cat is lunging into an intense, one-on-one battle with Major Ager. We’ll see how that turns out next week.

Chapter 3 is a long one (a third longer than Chapter 2) but it’s drawing to a close. We’ve only got four pages to go until the conclusion. And then . . . and then and then . . . we’ve got a special surprise lined up. In between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, we’ll be running a short story illustrated by a guest artist. Details will be coming soon, including the identity of the guest artist. I’ll tell you one thing: it’s not Barry Windsor-Smith. But the story does have a connection to this Barry Windsor-Smith cover: