Abby and I had our first author signing event on Saturday. Steve at Arcadian Comics and Games was kind enough to invite us to take part in the Halloween Comicfest, where we sat upstairs and sold copies of The Electric Team #1 to anyone we could talk into buying it.

Here’s our fancy display:




Alas, artistic dynamo Sam Albert could not make it.

There were two other local creators there: Eric Adams, creator of Lackluster World and head of Narrier, and Tim Fuller, creator of Zombie Marge, Cap’n Catnip, and more. We had plenty of time to talk, and I really enjoyed learning more about their comics, their work habits, their dreams and goals . . . like I said, lots of time to talk.

I bought a copy of Lackluster World #1 from Eric and a Cap’n Catnip from Tim, and I’d love to tell you more about those comics, but unfortunately I left them there at the store. I’ll be picking them up sometime in the next couple of days, so I look forward to reading them.

In other news, we here at The Electric Team are making a small change to our release schedule. So far, we’ve had a new installment coming out every Tuesday and Thursday. In retrospect, I think I chose those two days because they sound good when you say them together, and because I took a bunch of Tuesday/Thursday classes in college. But while that seemed like a natural pairing, it doesn’t actually give Sam the artist a lot of turnaround time each week between the first and the second page. So we’re changing to a Tuesday/Friday schedule, which gives Sam an extra day to get everything ready, and which makes the updates more evenly spaced for you the reader.

So this week Page 37 went up on Tuesday, and page 38 will be here on Friday. Like clockwork!