I am really not doing a good job keeping up with blog entries. As I mentioned last time, it’s because school has started again and I suddenly have a million extra things to do each day. This is my second blog post in a row where I apologize for not posting enough; from here on out, just take it as a given that I’m busy with school and I’m sorry.

Anyway, the thing I want to mention today is page 20.




This is the page in which Jaxula descends into a cave. There’s no dialogue, just a guy in a cave. Though the end result is very different, this page was inspired by one of my favorite comics, Brian Ralph’s Cave-In.  It’s a wordless story about a little guy roaming around underground, and there’s a mouse, and a mummy, and it’s hard to describe, you just have to read it. What makes it work is that the artist has a clear and powerful vision, and is able to pull you into his world, so that the strange events feel like they make sense, and like they hint at something deeper than you can articulate.


cave in


I wanted to get some of that sense of mystery and wonder into our comic, so I thought it was worthwhile to include this slow, silent page. And Sam drew a lovely cave.