I’ve been trying to put up at least three blog posts a week but, unfortunately, I seem to be writing this week’s first post on Wednesday night. Why the sudden drop in productivity? Well, as I mentioned in my very first post, I’m a teacher, and school started up again this week. All of a sudden I have significantly less time than I did in the summer.

Fortunately it’s Sam Albert who has the really time consuming job of drawing this comic, and she’s still hard at work, so we can maintain our two-pages-a-week schedule, even if there’s a drop in blogging.

Page_18A panel

I’m excited that we’ve gotten to page 18. A friend of mine who read the script back before Sam started drawing said this was his favorite page, because he enjoyed the character interactions. Hopefully this scene will give readers a better sense of who the characters are. I also enjoy Leeta’s ethical dilemma, re: eating Commander McCarrot.

Another important note about page 18: Abby, the creative mastermind behind the Electric Team, wanted me to point out that this page features the first appearance of Brianna’s cat. You can see the cat in the panel above, if you look closely.

Though the cat was a last-minute addition, it’s something that Abby is very enthused about. I don’t know what the cat’s name is, or whether it is male or female, but here it is. I’m sure we’ll learn more in future installments.