Good lord, we’re back with a new page of comics! Read page 274, then come back here for the notes.

1. Obviously, the break between pages took longer than I expected, and I apologize for the delay.

2. Hey look, it’s Jaxula! One of our major characters, who we haven’t seen in . . . good lord, almost two years? Can that be right? Jaxula was the focus of Chapter 7, which wrapped up on September 19, 2017. He was left behind while the rest of the team was transported to Swann Castle, where Chapter 8 was set. Then Chapter 9 was a flashback . . . oh, right, Jaxula was in that one, only in flashback, but it still counts. So he was last seen on panel on January 29 of this year. Still, good thing I threw that recap in panel 4, right?

3. But I haven’t spoken yet about the most important topic, which is the art. As you should know by now, Sam had to move on from regular art duties, and our old pal Josh did the Beowulf & Chrysanthemum story after she left, but now we have recruited a new artist for this story, and her name is Kaylah Blaackar. Welcome, Kaylah!  

4. It’s a jarring shift in styles, I know. I mean, I’m jarred. Just give it a few pages, though. What’s the point in switching artists if we can’t mix it up a little? Try a new style? Let’s live a little!

5. I asked Kaylah to make the logo box at the top the same size as the ones Josh did, because “Shellshocked” is going to be the middle story in The Electric Team issue #10, our next print issue. It will be “Time Trouble!”, “Shellshocked,” and then “Ubermensch Unleashed.”  So we’ll start and end with Josh, with Kaylah in the middle to mix things up.

6. When we eventually collect the stories into trade paperbacks, though, what we’re calling issue 10 will go before issue 9. I think that will flow better. So the sequence of stories in The Electric Team Volume 2 will be: 

“Forever February”
“Semper Domina Februarii”
“Swann Castle”
“Time Trouble!”
“Ubermensch Unleashed”
“Brianna’s Story”

In case you were wondering.

7. Man, those colors are crazy. Just look at all those colors.

8. I haven’t really said much about the plot, because there isn’t much plot so far. After the events of issue #7, Jaxula was knocked out; now he wakes up, and Dr. February points a gun at him. There’ll be more content next time, don’t worry.

9. I really enjoy writing Dr. February–she’s so evil, but in total denial about it. She can’t understand why these morons keep interfering in her perfectly legitimate business ventures.

10. The folks who follow the comic here at got no new content between page 273 and page 274. Our patrons at Patreon, though, got exclusive access to 24 posts in that time. Sure, some of them were short updates, but there were a lot of pages of comics and artwork in there as well. My point is, everyone should sign up for the Patreon, and get stuff.  

And tune in next week, of course, to see what happens next!