Howdy, y’all! Check out page 271 of The Electric Team, then read the notes below.

Let’s start off with some comments from the artist, the illustrious Mr. Joshua Burnett . . .

Notes from Josh

1. The backgrounds on this page shifted to darker colors. That’s to represent Totenkopf’s spreading evil influence.

2. I really like how the op-art circles worked out in the last panel where Chrys sends out her counter-signal.

3. I will never not use a lightbulb to represent a character having an idea.

Thanks, Josh! And now we continue on with . . .

Notes from Leighton

4.  When we started this  story, Abi and I had a slightly different method in mind for how Chrysanthemum could disrupt Totenkopf’s power. But as we worked on the story it occurred to me that since she had used her scanner to track down the orb’s magical energy, she had the, like, magical frequency already programmed in there, so wouldn’t that make it relatively easy to jam the signal? This idea makes sense to me on an intuitive level but your mileage may vary.

5. Abi’s been the lead Chrysanthemum writer on this story, so when we got to this page I sat her down at the keyboard and asked her to write the dialogue. I cleaned up what she wrote, and corrected the misspellings and punctuation errors, but I tried to change as little as possible.

6. What the heck, I’ll show you what she wrote:
CHRYS: ahh!! Belwolf is in troble! What should i do!?!?!?

CHRYS: ‘’gasp’’ he woke up by the gem so mabye if i take the gem out he will lose his power!

CHRYS:’’grunt’’ it wont come out!!!

CHRYS:wait a minite…

CHRYS: i used this to find the gem so if i take that out put that in press that in and shake this, it shold make a same frequency to jam the gem. Hey that’s a good allitoration.  

CHRYS: ‘’click’’ ‘’fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’’ “bing’’

7. I was very happy with “That’s a good alliteration.” What a delightful aside.  

8. In retrospect, I know what I should have done differently when plotting this page . . . but this is a brand new page, and it would be dumb of me to be talking bad about it already.  So no, no regret. Enjoy the page, folks!

9. I love that last panel. Chrys looks so happy!

10. Only two pages to go. Tune in next week for Beowulf Vs. Totenkopf, Round 2!