Make sure you’ve read page 262, because here are some notes!  I usually write the notes earlier in the week, sorry about the delay.

1. We’ve closed the narrative frame from the beginning, Brianna has finished her story, we’re almost done. Only two pages left of “Brianna’s Story” after this!

2. “YOU WERE AN EVIL SPACE QUEEN?!?” kind of sums it all up, doesn’t it?

3. Plant Man is such a good friend that he takes this “Evil Space Queen” thing in stride. Verka, meanwhile, is freaking out about it. It’s easy to dismiss Verka as being a jerk here but, c’mon, she’s got some legit concerns. If someone you knew told you that they used to be a despot, wouldn’t you be concerned? I think you would be. You would not be as chill as Plant Man.

4. I should mention that Verka was created by Nat Kutcher. Nat wrote the story “Plant Man’s Family Reunion,” with art by Sam Albert. Verka was a character in that story, and Nat offered us the chance for her to come back with Plant Man and be a regular character in the book. Abi immediately liked this idea, so it came to pass. Verka kicked off this whole “Brianna telling her life story” thing by overhearing Brianna and Jax’s conversation back in issue #6.

5. Abi’s involvement in making the comic has grown over time. Yes, she created the characters and the concept, back when she was four, but she didn’t write the script for the first issue. Which seems obvious to me, but I’ve had people ask, “You mean your daughter wrote this?!” No, a small child is not going to sit down and type out a script. But while she’s always been involved in the plotting, she’s started to get involved in the scripting. For this page, Abi actually sat at the computer and typed some of the dialogue. I had to cut some of it for space purposes, but Verka’s “After all of that . . .” is Abi’s. I’m so proud!

6. From the beginning, I’ve said that, when Abi turns 13, she can take over writing the comic solo if she wants to. Right now she says she wouldn’t want that, but we’ll see. Sam has previously said she assumed that eventually Abi will be drawing as well as writing it, so her days were numbered.

7. Really, aren’t all our days numbered?

8. I wanted to end this scene with a hug. Plant Man and Brianna have been friends since issue 2, when they were goofing off while the team was traveling. Plant Man did a weird thing with his head that made Brianna laugh. The specifics of that scene were all Sam’s; she’s added so much to the comic over the years.

9. Hey, I finally updated the Products Page! Except it’s not called a products page anymore, it’s now called Order Our Comics! That seemed more direct. Order some comics, why don’t you?

10. Next week, we’ll check in with some other characters. Then, the week after that, we’ll have our thrilling conclusion. And after that, a surprise. Keep reading!