New page is up! It’s page 2 of “The Silver Sword of Sylvia Swann,” written by Leighton & Abigail Connor, and illustrated by Leighton & Abigail Connor. Abi did all the watercolors. We’ve been telling stories about Swann Castle, but you may have wondered, who built the castle in the first place? We’re going back to the beginning to tell the history of the Swann family. This started out as a discussion between Leighton and Abi, just figuring out background information, but became a story we were excited to tell.

But don’t worry, Samantha Albert fans, Sam will be back next week to launch our new chapter, and “The Silver Sword of Sylvia Swann” will be a bonus feature released on alternate Fridays. Does that make sense? It will, just keep tuning in.