My friends, you may have noticed that, throughout the course of telling the epic tale of the Electric Team, we have periodically included flashbacks that give you a greater understanding of our lead characters.

Issue 1 opened with a flashback to Leeta’s childhood;

Issue 2 opened with a four-page flashback to Mr. Amazing’s childhood;

Issue 3 opened with a four-page flashback to Zarko’s past;

Issue 4 was an issue-long flashback that showed how Leeta, Mr. Amazing, and Zarko met;

Issue 5 included a 13 page Plant Man story, which described Plant Man’s past;

Issue 6 opened with a two-page recap of the events that led to civilization collapsing:

Issue 7 opened with a four-page flashback to Jaxula’s childhood.

As you may have noticed, we’ve seen the origin stories for five of our six lead characters. And as the weeks and months have gone by, you’ve probably been asking yourself, with increasing desperation, “What about Brianna?!?” We’ve been holding off on revealing Brianna’s past, though we have dropped clues and made vague references. We have been building the mystery . . . but now, all will be revealed!

Issue 9 is titled “Brianna’s Story.” It opens with a two-page framing sequence, which leads into an ISSUE-LONG FLASHBACK, telling the story of Brianna’s life from childhood to the present. Get ready! We’ve been planning this for a long time, and we’re excited to finally be bringing it to you!