SPACE is almost upon us! And by SPACE, I mean the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, held every year in Columbus, Ohio. This year SPACE will be held on April 28 and 29 at the Northland Performing Arts Center. Admission is FREE!

My whole family has been working hard to get comics ready for SPACE. We’ve got The Electric Team #7 ready to debut at the con, which we’re very excited about. It looks like this:



and tells the story of Jaxula trying to save space and time from the wicked machinations of Dr. February and Larzipan, while the rest of the team fights the Decapus.

Meanwhile, my five-year-old son Jackson has completed his comic Super Tooth. I helped him with it, but he made up the story, wrote the dialogue, and drew all the pictures. All I did was letter the dialogue and draw panel borders for him. And by the end he was drawing some of the panel borders and word balloons, because he is an ambitious and talented man. The cover looks like this:



It was Jackson’s idea to charge $6 for the comic, which might seem a bit steep, but don’t worry, we’ll be offering a discount at SPACE. Here’s one of my favorite panels from the comic:



Abi, meanwhile, has been working on her Swann Castle comic. You may have seen Swann Castle in the pages of The Electric Team; that’s where the team is right now, in fact. Abi started this comic many months ago, but then lost the pages she had drawn. Fortunately she found them again recently, and finished the comic Wednesday night. The cover will look like this:



Again, I helped out by doing the lettering, but by the end it was clear to me that I was no longer needed. The next comic she does, she’s going to letter herself.

Here’s a sample panel:


The Super Tooth pages have been copied and collated, thanks to my amazing wife Alice, and just need to be stapled. Swann Castle, sadly, still needs to be copied. Hopefully we’ll get everything done in time so that we don’t end up at the copy shop at midnight the night before SPACE, as has happened to me so often in the past.

Whatever the case, three new comics to debut! It’s going to be a big show for us!