Wow! We launched our Patreon yesterday, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, and we are thrilled by the response. Seriously, we didn’t expect so many people to sign up on the first day, and we are extremely grateful. Thank you so much, patrons! You are amazing!

I mentioned yesterday that Patreon is a two-way street . . . it’s not just about us asking for money so that we can continue making the comic, it ‘s also about us providing incentives. Perks and gifts and treats, if you will. We started yesterday with five levels for supporters, each with their own perks.

The five levels are listed below. Look them over, and maybe you’ll see something you like. And if you have any suggestions for other rewards we could include, let us know!


$1 or more per month

*You will receive exclusive, patron-only content at least once a week. This will include both drawings and text pieces, which will flesh out the world of The Electric Team.

*You will have access to patron-only previews of upcoming pages.



$3 or more per month

*Your name will be featured in the Electric Team print comic.*You will receive exclusive digital artwork from Leighton, Abi, and Sam.

*Plus all the perks from the previous tiers.


$5 or more per month

*You will receive access to exclusive video updates from Abi and Leighton every other week, in which they will talk about the Electric Team, the creative process, comics, roller derby, and other topics of interest.

*You will receive original art from Abi and Leighton once a year, mailed to your home.

*Plus all the perks from the previous tiers.


Old Friend

$10 or more per month

*Once  a year, we will mail you an all-new mini-comic, available only to patrons.

*You will receive original art from Sam once a year, mailed to your home.

*You will have access to the Electric Team scripts, and see what’s coming up before it’s released. Since the script is in a Google doc, you can also leave comments, providing feedback and/or making suggestions.

*Plus all the perks from the previous tiers.


Team Member

$20 or more per month

*Every time we publish a new Electric Team comic or mini-comic, we will mail you a copy. You’ll get your copy before anyone else.

*Once a year, you can commission Sam to draw you an original illustration of your choice of characters, which we will mail to you.

*We will feature you in a cameo role in the comic.

*Plus all the perks from previous tiers.