Hello, friends! The last week and a half has been a crazy time here at Electric Team Central, so I forgot to tell you some important news, namely, that after the end of Chapter Six, we are taking a short hiatus. The primary reason for this is that star artist Sam Albert is out of town on a work trip, and currently unable to draw. Don’t worry, she cleared all this with Electric Team HR well in advance, we knew it was coming, I just forgot to mention it. I’m sure I’ll be receiving a stern letter from my higher-ups.

Anyway, as I said, we finished Chapter Six, and we all feel good about that. If we’re going to take a short hiatus, I’d rather it be after a cliffhanger. So you’ll have to wait to see how the Electric Team deals with the unrelenting fury of the Decapus, but in the meantime, I will be updating this blog later this week, so check back soon.