At long last, it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Now you can order The Electric Team #4 in the Our Products section for only five American dollars (plus shipping).

To celebrate this grand occasion, we have a special limited-time offer. Order now, and we will include at no additional cost an original drawing by Electric Team co-creators Leighton and/or Abigail Connor. Abi has grown accustomed to selling her drawings at conventions, but she’s willing to make an exception and forego payment just for you. As long as you order soon!

I’m proud of the story in this one, and Sam did great work on the art. It’s our best issue yet. It makes me happy; I hope it will make you happy, too. Here’s a description of it.

Electric Team #4It’s the Origin of the Electric Team! Secrets are revealed in this EXTRA-BIG issue. Learn how Leeta, Mr. Amazing, and Zarko first met in the Milky Way Tower, how they escaped, and why they decided to form the Electric Team! This issue wraps up the flashback stories from the first three issues, but also stands on its own as a complete story. (32 pages, full color)