The bad news is, we have had to fire interns left and right around here. A few days ago one of them messed up the formatting of the site, and there were the problems with the shopping cart . . . unacceptable. Now we’ll have to recruit a whole new team of interns, and it’s hard to find highly-qualified, motivated people who will work for free in today’s world. Ah well.

In all the struggle to get everything working properly, something had to give, so there is no new comic today.

HOWEVER! The good news is, we–Sam, Abi, and Leighton–will be at SPACE, the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, in Columbus this weekend. There’s more info here. We’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday, so come by and say hi and, you know, buy our books, if you feel so called.

We are in the latest round of SPACE exhibitor bios. Go and read those at your leisure.

Also! Since the formatting of the site got messed up, Sam used the opportunity to snazz things up around here. If the site looks a little different, that’s why.

And we’ll be back on Friday, with a brand new page of Electric Team action.