We’ve got a map on our new page, and I’m pretty excited by it.

A couple of weeks ago, Abi and I had the day off school, and we spent the morning working on a map. We got a giant piece of paper and tried to fit everything we know so far about the world of the Electric Team onto it. It’s not finished, but we got most of it done. Here’s a sample:

The trick was to fit together the maps from Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 4, as well as the details from the Plant Man story that Nat and Sam did and the Mr. Amazing story that Josh Burnett and I did. Nat’s story implied that Plant Man’s home, the Hidden Grove, had to be in the north somewhere, near the Electric Team’s current location. And the Mr. Amazing story included a number of geographical references, like these:

So now you can more or less trace the route our heroes have followed since defeating Major Ager. And, since the new map includes the Fungus Forest and Yob, you can see how it fits together with these two previous maps: