Today, November 28th, sees the debut of a new page of “Plant Man’s Family Reunion,” by Nat Kutcher and Sam Albert, which features talking trees talking to talking moles. And that is what America needs, in these hard times. Thank you, Sam; thank you, Nat.

Yesterday was “Cyber Monday,” a day when businesses offer special deals over the “internet.” We at Electric Team Comics, Ltd. are dedicated to offering you, the consumer, the most special deals possible. Unfortunately, our Senior VP of Internet Marketing, the individual who, as you would expect, was in charge of online promotions, and who would logically take point in planning and rolling out Cyber Monday sales, was let go right before the day itself rolled around. You can read more about that in a recent statement from the CEO.

Plans are afoot to get our Marketing department back to full operational strength. We apologize for the lack of a strong Cyber Monday presence, but we know that you, the discriminating Electric Team fan, are just as happy as we are to get rid of that no good, rotten Senior VP of Internet Marketing.