When people find out that The Electric Team was created by my daughter (Abby) and me (Leighton), they often ask if I have any plans to get my son (Jackson) involved in the comic. Up until recently, Jackson has been too young to really participate. Since he recently turned four, though, he’s gotten interested in The Electric Team and has started sharing ideas. Many of them are not viable for copyright reasons–for instance, “Iron Man should join the Electric Team!” and “Optimus Prime should join the Electric Team!”–but he recently came up with a concept for a villain that we’re hoping to use soon.

Today, though, on page 102, Jackson and Loving Wife Alice both become contributors to the comic, with the official debut (after a cameo appearance on page 98) of Crocus. Crocus is a stuffed toy that Alice made for Jackson; Jackson named him and gave him a personality. A beautiful collaboration between mother and son, and now another part of the mosaic that is The Electric Team.

Here’s the real life Crocus:


I like how Sam captured his essence, while also giving him hands and a mouth.