Page 67 is here! Leeta and Amazing are in the underground portion of the labyrinth, and slowly winding their way back up to the daylight.

Amazing and Leeta underground


Things are about to get intense, starting on the next page. Check for it Friday!

On a related note, we didn’t post a new page last Friday. We needed to skip that day in order for Sam to get ahead on the artwork, and to give Sam time to prepare issue #2 (more on that in a second). I don’t regret skipping Friday, but I do regret that I didn’t make any kind of announcement about it.

When, on a few occasions, people have asked me for advice on drawing a web comic, I have always told them, “The most important thing is that you have to believe that your comic is important, even though it objectively isn’t.” So you set a release schedule, and you hit that release schedule. You treat each deadline seriously, even if it seems like no one in the world is reading your comic. Because even if no one else believes in your comic, you have to.

Last Thursday I thought about how I needed to write a post letting people know that we wouldn’t be updating on Friday. But my spirits were low, and I thought, “Why bother? No one reads the blog, and no one will notice if the comic comes out or not.” I gave in to despair. I broke my number one rule.

So I apologize to you, my hypothetical reader, but more than that I apologize to myself, and to the comic, for letting my devotion slip.

On a positive note, I’ll have more information on the print version of The Electric Team #2, tomorrow!